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VIMAL ENGINEERING CO. is one of the leading bearing companies in India that manufactures and exports Automotive and Industrial bearings as per international standard specifications. VEC stands with courage, knowledge and an eye to innovation to produce technologically advanced bearings that reach perfection when it comes to seamless performance.

We offer a wide array of bearings, namely ball bearings, taper roller bearings, kingpin bearings, spherical bearings and clutch bearings for reputed names such as Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, HINO and Toyota.

We keep the ready stock of inclusive and unmatched array for Volvo, Scania, Fiat trucks, Bed Ford, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Zetor, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Chevrolet, Opel, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Land Rover, Racing Cars, Passenger Cars, Hino, Fiat Truck, Canter, Mitsubishi and Toyota for overseas markets. The bearings are required in several industries, such as automobiles, marine, industrial movers and heavy earthmoving industry.

Since its inception in 1993, it has been manufacturing, supplying and exporting a plethora of bearings including Tapered roller bearings, Spherical roller bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, and Ball bearings. Meeting high level of excellence and international standard specifications, these bearings effectively used in manufacturing of automobiles, agricultural, Industrial, power motors, appliances and a host of other applications. Efficiency never takes a back seat whether radial or thrust loads and even with high speed rotation. This certainly becomes one of the core strengths of the VEC.

We have registered strong presence in the domestic as well international market by consistently offering qualitative bearings. Since the day of our inception, we have been focusing on meeting the client’s requirements with unmatched quality products. Our steadily quality product delivery has brought as a wide client base all across the world. We serve our clients existing in countries like Australia, USA, Argentina, UK, Canada, Brazil, Sri-Lanka and in other corners of the globe.

Quality is one of the core strength of  VEC, which has developed by adopting and implementing ISO 9001 quality management system. The entire operation right from the procurement of Raw material, SAE 52100 Steel verified by a Test Certificate of Chemical & Physical analysis and ends at thorough inspection of the manufactured bearings just before the packing stage. A well equipped laboratory, years of experience, engineers’ hands on talent and competence of quality check experts all conjure to meet the stringent quality requirements that bearings need in terms of efficiency and performance.

VEC also deals in customized bearings in accordance to customer’s needs, samples or designs. It also holds high level of flexibility so as to attune itself to the changing needs and requirements of the domestic as well as international market. With this, VEC strives to create a reliable and innovative environment to provide the most cost effective and high-quality bearings on a global scale.

Customers are at the center of everything we do – and that is reflected in our company’s vision and values. While our vision defines our destination, our core values serve as our roadmap, guiding our actions for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.


  • To establish as an international benchmark in quality, innovation, environmental friendly & competitive organization, specialized in complete bearings based solutions.
  • To become the true leaders in the bearing industry by offering quality products at competitive cost.
  • Continual improvement & up gradation in the manpower and machinery by providing in house awareness through training programs & workshops.
  • To be a pacesetter for times ahead & the most preferred choice nationwide globally.
  • Dedicated to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.


  • To be a true leader in the bearing industry, by expanding into more automotive and industrial markets and enabling everyone to be eligible for our services.
  • To offer bearing industry with superior products & services by building up value for our customers, our business, as well as our employees and adopting Principles of Excellence that provides an effective corporate governance framework.
  • To contribute and participate in the task of nation building use environmentally safe materials and designs and to make India forward to the rank of “Most Industrialized Nation in the 21st century”.
  • We endeavor to conduct our business affairs with the highest ethical standards and work diligently to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.
  • Continuous and consistently upgrade our knowledge, skills and work processes leading to a greater relationship with our customers, suppliers and community at large. And by expanding into more automotive and industrial markets.

Our Brands

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